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4 Tips To Consider For Every Maternity Session

Updated: May 28

Let’s start with why I decided to write about these tips. Drum roll, I am going to be a father! I am still trying to wrap my head around it. Where do I start? Am I ready? Will I remember everything from all these classes I have been attending? So much is already changing but I have come to the conclusion that I will do my best. I see my wife get closer and closer to her due date; as a photographer, it prompted me to start thinking more about things I need our maternity photographer to think about. Things I had put very little thought on prior myself. Let’s get these recommendations started, I promise it won’t be long.


As a maternity photographer, I make sure I know all the locations I am recommending to all my clients beforehand. Before every photography session, I personally visit the location to make sure the location is right for a maternity session. When I visit the area, I look for clear trails (no debris), constructions, the ground even for the most part and is not too slippery (watch out for rainy season), and has a bathroom close by (highly recommend for all photoshoots sessions).


Be cautious about the type of sprays you use for your personal hygiene, it matters. My wife calls it a 6 sense. This is so true, my wife(pregnant right now) can smell everything. As a soon-to-be father, I do not spray myself with strong cologne or body spray. My wife can smell it a mile away and most of the time cannot stand the smells. As a photographer, you have to consider this for clients too. You do not want your clients to be uncomfortable, this will result in bad images and a bad experience. Just keep your scents to a minimum, I see this as being respectful and being understanding.


We all can get sensitive when it comes to our word choices. Keep your words neutral- meaning do not tell your client how big she is, she’s about to pop, or ask “are you having twins”. This is not a joke and it will be a turn-off. I am all about bringing good vibes to all sessions.


I highly recommend to all my clients to eat before their maternity session or if you cannot eat, bring some snacks. Can you imagine being hungry during a session, a big deal breaker! It is always nice for the partner to remember to bring snacks. I learned how important it is to bring snacks while being pregnant because I experience my wife and I pregnancy with our son. My wife had to eat every two hours, and at times we forgot to bring snacks going to the doctor and grocery shopping. Before our maternity session, I had a personal checklist with what we will need before, during, and after our maternity session.

These 4 tips will make your maternity session enjoyable and candid. Remember, a photograph can tell a story, don’t tell a bad one.


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