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Find Something You Love To Do And Never Work Again

Updated: Apr 1

My name is Kingsley “King” James, I am a Lifestyle Photographer based in Tampa, FL. I began my journey in photography (Journeys Photography 941) over 5 years ago during college and my love for it never died. I am a self-taught photographer that has been published 8 times in multiple magazines in many themes (Couples, Family, Boudoir, etc.) I am a family man who enjoys spending quality time with my family. Nobody believes in love at first, until they meet that special someone. There are very few things I can say I have fallen in love with at first sight and photography has to be one of them, and I can honestly say my wife is one I fell in love with at first a matter of fact I continue to fall in love with her at every sight.  We live in our beautiful home on the south side of Tampa with our tuxedo cat Oreo, who my wife says fell in love with me at first sight too, we all actually did. I love to travel and explore different countries. Experiencing sceneries, cultures, and food is what I enjoy the most. This is not a job for me; it is my passion. My goal as a photographer is to keep my images genuine/candid. I edit all my photos to be as natural as possible.  I want my clients to see the beauty in themselves, not in photo-shop or other unnecessary  audiences.  I want all my clients to remember the true beauty in themselves and their daily norms.

William Shakespeare said, “when I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew it”. So smile, like it’s first time you fell in love with someone or something.

Tampa/Brandon Photographer

Journeys Photography 941

Your Story + My Passion = Magic


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