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You Reserved; I Work

Updated: May 28

You did the work, found the perfect photographer, and reserved your session. So that’s it?


Once you’ve done your part, I get to work. At Journeys Photography 941, I am committed to ensuring you have the best session. So, I will control as much as I can to ensure that happens. As your photographer, it is my job to make sure that the location of our session is adequate for the vision you shared with me for your shoot. With that in mind, I take the time to research the venues that I am not familiar with. I will go to the location a couple of days ahead to get a feel for it. Not all photographers are doing this but let me say, there is much to learn by taking the time to see a location before the shoot. For example, when I first visited Bahia Beach in Ruskin, FL to do a maternity photoshoot at 8:00 AM the beach was empty. A few weeks later I visited the Bahia Beach again at 5:45 PM for a sunset couple’s session and it was packed.

All this to say, sometimes you’ll call me and say, “ King I want to shoot my session at 5:45 PM, it’s best for my schedule”. It is my job to let you know, at that time we will have a crowd in the background of most of your pictures and need to be mindful of that.

So, what else am I doing?

  • Ensuring state and city laws for example permits for the locations

  • Assuring I have all the equipment I’ll need for the session. Things like camera lenses, flashlights, reflectors, etc

  • Scope the area to ensure we have the best lighting at the scheduled time

  • Brainstorming various poses and how to implement your props

  • Reaching out to your vendor and event partners to communicate plans

What else can I do to make your session better?

Journeys Photographer 941

Tampa Lifestyle Photographer

My passion + Your story = Magic


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